Dienstag, 22. März 2016

eQSL von QBC International

Am 20.03. erhielt ich eine eQSL per eMail von QBC International. Gehört hatte ich die Station am 28.02.2016 gegen 1630 UTC auf 6985 kHz.

Der Betreiber schrieb folgenden Zeilen:

"My name is Peter, I'm 34 years old, I live in a village in Central Hungary, 30 km away from town of Kecskemet. I have been involved in shortwave free radio since the summer of 2008. I ran several stations under various names over the last seven and half years. My longest running project was Lightning Radio from 2011 to 2013. I was away from the hobby for two years, but I'm quite addicted to free and shortwave radio so I returned in October, last year.

I use small home made low power transmitters in the 10 - 30 watt range. Currently I use a "Commando" transmitter with 25 watts of power (earlier, in February, I used a ten watt unit). My antenna is a dipole aligned in north-south direction, 9 meters above the ground.

I like to transmit on a regular basis, according to a fixed schedule. Currently QBC is on air on weekdays from 18.00 to 04.00 UTC. On weekends, transmissions are mostly continuous from Friday evening to Monday morning. However outages might occur during daytime. The frequency was recently changed to 6965 kHz due to some annoying interferences on 6985 kHz.

I recently opened a blog to publish the latest news and informations about the station, the music currently played and free radio related links. You can find it at qbcinternational.blogspot.com."

Und so hörte sich die Station an: